Monday, October 25, 2010

Tanamera Is Now In Singapore

Tanamera Tropical Spa Products is now in Singapore.

Tanamera, in the language of the Malays, literally means Red Earth, an appropriate name for a range of products which raw materials are sourced from the rich soil of the tropical rainforest.

Their unique products are formulated as naturally as possible where the use of artificial coloring, perfume, chemical actives and preservatives are avoided. Tanamera range of products is created with great care based on Asian tropical spa treatments and packed for home, travel and professional spa use.

Tanamera product range includes spa products such as soothing body scrubs, relaxing body mists and a weekend wellness set for home and travel use.  Or feed our skin with Tanamera mild, pure and natural personal care products.  Our skin will thank us!  Tanamera also offers professional spa products such as Tropical Body Scrubs, Massage Oils, Cocos Spa Range and their herbal compress.

For on-line purchase of Tanamera products in Singapore, we can visit .

  Mild Facial Wash    


  1. Aslmkm.
    Seronok baca tentang produk begini. Tapi Mak tak bagi belanja cenggini! :(

  2. You are one of my inspirations. It helps a lot be inspired. The products make the people beautiful.


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