Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Natal Care

Post Natal:

A magical time for mother and child

Pregnancy and birth have always been a magical time for mothers, be it for the first time or for successive children.

Asian mothers have been known to set aside a confinement period of at least 30 days to help them recover after the changes brought upon their physical and psychological being. Most go on a strict regime of diet and traditional treatments such as herbal bath, stomach binding and massage to help them relax and recover their pre natal shapes. These treatments give valuable time off for privacy.

Below are the description of all the rituals in the Tanamera Spa Post-Natal Program. Click here to find out more about program.

Post Natal Rituals

  • Warming Massage
    Eliminates bloating & eases musclesThis treatment is traditionally used by midwives to bring a warming effect on the body. At the same time, the warming massage will help to tone and help the body return to its prenatal condition.
  • Post-natal Massage
    Eases tired and sore musclesThis treatment not only helps your tummy muscles realign, it also eases tired and sore muscles in the neck and shoulders. The massage is very helpful if your stomach muscles have separated. 
  • Bertungku
    Warm compress layered with herbal leaves has been practiced for centuries to warm up the whole body and reduce the swollen parts especially around lower body. 
  • Bertangas
    A blend of aromatic and refreshing herbs that help to reduce swelling, accelerate healing in the vaginal area and provide relief for vaginal discomfort due to stitches and inflammation. 
  • Herbal Bath
    Soak in the highly aromatic herbal bath to help lift your mood, soothe tired muscle and deodorize your body at the same time. 
  • Param
    A whole body application for warming effect especially hands and feet. This warming blend will assists with blood circulation and minimize water retention in the body. 
  • Bengkung
    Specially designed to provide a firm control for flabby, sagging abdominal skin , helping it to return to its normal pre natal conditions. 
  • Pilis
    A dab of herbal paste on the forehead to refresh mothers who may find them selves lacking sleep and experiencing heaviness around the eyes. 
  • Tapel
    Tighten and firm up the abdominal area after birth with this traditionally prepared concoction. 

  • Contact us to find out more about the Tanamera Spa Post-Natal programs today

Tanamera Spa at Kayu Ara, Selangor, Malaysia, offers 5-day and 10-day Post Natal Programs.  We also offer at home service of Postnatal Care.  Please inquire within for more information.  For reservation, please call 019-2677553.


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